I've been a USAA member for about two years now and I have always received amazing, quality service from USAA staff. I recently got tricked by a phishing scam and had a fradulant purchase on my account. The operator at USAA was helpful, nonjudgmental, and refunded the $40 on my account, as well as comping the cost of sending me a new card in the mail quickly. I used to be a member of another major bank and I'm SO glad I switched to USAA-- I've been telling coworkers all morning to switch over :)



We're sorry to hear about the fraud on your account, but are glad to know our team was able to help. With scams getting more and more complex, it's easy to fall victim to those fraudsters. We hope they didn't do much damage and that everything is back to normal. Please drop us a line if there's anything else we can do for you.