We got preapproval from USAA to purchase a home.   We have an auto loan and car and home insurance with USAA already,  so we are current customers.    over a month after our preaproval,  our application was denied.   They had  miscalculated our income and said that because there was a law suit pending against me,  they could not lend us they money.   However,   they did not have an attorney review the suit documents and never mentioned this so called "policy" to us before.    So, now we have sold our home based on the approval they gave us,  and do not have financing  for our new house.   We were told they never give financing if there is a legal action pending against you.   Unfortunately the person taking our application was not aware of this policy and did not inform us of it.  Now we have to find  financing so we have a house for our 2 and 3 year old before closing on our house.