It seems we are all experencing difficulty with USAA. I agree with one of the post, USAA use to be the top insurance. Their customer service was second to none, now they are like being an a welfare line. The representatives does not seem to care or have knowledge of the issues you may need addressed.


My car was hit or something. Personally i don't know what happened to the car. Now I have had insurance with USAA since they first started all those years ago, I believe I started in 96' with them. Long time! Remind you I have full coverage on my vehicle, comprehensive and collision. This should cover whatever happens to the vehicle. Well I called in to let them know my vehicle has been damaged, they are now giving me the run around about fixing the repairs. Now I explained to them I don't know what happened to the vehicle, but they keep sending me emails asking if I can speculate about what happened. I'm trying to figure out why the that matters, I pay my insurance just fix my vehicle.


I too am trying to make contact with the President. He needs to know his company is going down the drain fast with the lack of support we as customers get from the customer service representatives. I am very disappointed in USAA right now, I have never had such issues, they are declining fast.



They don't care . I was rearended by a usaa member a month ago and have had nothing but issues with them . I've been called lier and treated like a common criminal all while being hung up on and walked over . good luck finding there ceo I'm sure he is on a yacht that's named "I got there money"

Dear angry member,

I have responded to your other post here, but I can assure you we care very much about your situation. Thank you.

good afternoon. 5 years of being a customer of USAA today I'm living what many people and many customers today discussed and live. I can not deny that you are good at some things, but not everything. for example, insurance adjusters, persons in charge of your case, do not communicate with you unless you send them an email, otherwise make decisions without your permission, and you as the customer, have to accept them. I had a traffic accident with my car on a snowy day, and to be exact 40 days ago, recently started working my car last Monday (March 30). USAA whole problem began when my claim handler contacted me telling me that they would take my car to a repair shop. not send my suggestions of workshops, just decided, my surprise was to get to that shop and see that my car was almost disarmed to make the estimate. and a lady representative of USAA, approached where my to help, but she was just as a customer, were her words to start the conversation, referring to the owner of the repair shop as if they were friends lifetime. she gave me approximate numbers which would be worth my car and what it would cost to repair and what would be a total loss, but she just was identified as a client, not as an inspector, is more, she valued the car at 28,000 dollars, to actual value of the car market. I decided to move my car to a workshop more credibility. and my claims adjuster does not like my decision, and she preferred to call the repair shop owner to confront me. thing to me not liking me. after that problem, the personal guest is over, and the calls were almost hostile and annoying. unfortunately my car was diagnosed another failure and has increased from $ 12,000 up to 17,000 dollars, coming close to the value of making total loss. but it turns out that my car of the year 2014, I shop at 28000 dollars and now has almost 11,000 miles, now costs 34,000 dollars for USAA and the state of Tennessee. I know the story is very long and boring, but I can not pass up this opportunity to express my feelings I and my sorrow for such bad service I am receiving. I do not mean all representatives, because they are only a few and they are the ones who make these processes more hard and bitter. after everything happened, another representative, she changed the policy, and I have not approved reimbursement for rental car by simply having three vehicles in my policy, she also did it without my authorization, and now as just my wife and I we mobilized in one car everywhere and I can not reach my work is never on time. so far I have not received more messages or calls from my handler claim. if my vehicle is repaired or total loss is given the same to me. I have to keep waiting until late April to finish repairing my car without rented vehicle without any messages. make decisions and estimates, but do not communicate with the client, to even let you know what the status of your case, I have approached in person almost 2-3 times per week to the bank and ask to speak with a representative, to know which again they have done, and decisions taken with my car. after all this expressed, they send me emails sent to a representative to help me buy a car with USAA, if indeed you are shameless.

Hi Jahn,

Your situation has been escalated and a specialist should be in touch shortly. I have responded to your other posts here. Thank you for commenting.

Hi Chocolate Covered,

I am sorry about the trouble this process has caused. On my end, it looks like someone has been in touch. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.

I have been a USAA customer for over 20 years. My husband's truck was hit in a parking lot which not only did damage to the backend of his truck, but the front end as well when it was knocked into a retaining wall doing front bumper damage and caused the airbag light to go off.  We took pictures of all of the damage and reported everything on the phone claim.  USAA ONLY WANTED PICTURES- they said it was fast and easy!  So we did that.  Well- they only reimbursed us for the rear end damage!  They said we would have to take it to a body shop and get a written estimate for the front end damage! SO.... we did!!! Now, we still can't get them to process our claim.  I am REALLY upset about this.  Not only that, when I tried to ask about the status, I was given the number to the USAA credit card information.  This is now 30 days old.  Unacceptable... NOT HOW TO TREAT A 20 YEAR MEMBER...