I have read some of the negative comments made here about USAA. I want to make one argument in favor of USAA.

While they may be a little more expensive on auto insurance; I think you get what you pay for. Sure you could go out and buy an economy policy, but that's what you get. It's like a car. You can buy a Luxury car or econo box. Both are cars and both get you places. You just know there's a difference in the ride.

Hopefully my analogy makes sense. I believe USAA to be a luxury insurance company and don't mind paying a little more for better service and piece of mind.

As for banking. I do almost all banking with USAA. I financed my car through a dealer preferred bank and saved 2% off USAAs best rate. So in that respect USAA lost my loan. I refinanced my house with USAA and they quickly sold the loan. Which let me down a little but I can't complain too much as the new company takes care if me quite well.

Aside from minor banking competiveness I can say I am overall satisfied with my experiences with USAA. I believe I have been a customer for 22 years of which I've had my own member number for 17 years.


I too am a happy USAA customer. The two times I have needed their services in desperate times, they came through with flying colors. Once a hurricane took off part of our homes roof, USAA was at our home in hours to write us a check to immediately replace THE Whole roof. Other homeowners in our development were waiting for weeks to get an adjuster out to their houses...and had to jump through hoops to get payment. State Farm was perhaps the worst in our neighborhood.


What I have come to acknowledge is there are some people who come on desperate times - and circumstances play a large role in problems.Citbank, Chase and many other banks will nickle and dime you to death so beware if you choose their services. I use a local credit union for small banking but trust USAA with my retirement and credit card accounts. If you all have a short memory, check out the lawsuits in the 2008 stock market crash and see whose hands were in the "kitty." Not USAA.