Our daughter accepted a job in lower Manhattan (NYC) and will be moving there the last week in January 2014. Please help with any knowledge of safe and 'great' areas to live in Manhattan.  We are stationed in Germany and are trying to help her long distance.  Since this is such short notice for her, I am doing the preliminary searching, etc., then I will fly to New York to do the 'ground work' and help her find a place to live. 


We looked at Upper East Side, which looks like a good area.  Even though she is not particularly fond of living in the city (quite noisy, very expensive), she feels that it would be easier to commute to work.


Please send thoughts and recommendations.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  :)


Thank you very much.


Maybe she can consider living on the Brooklyn/Manhatten border.  Quite a few resides have relocated to Brooklyn because of the expensive rental market in Manhattan.  Transporation from Brooklyn to Manhattan is very easy and convenient. 


Personally, I think the cost of living in NYC can be extremely expensive, so I would consider Brooklyn as an option.

Thank you so much for the response and advice.  I will be going to NYC next week and will definitely look in the Brooklyn area.  Yes, I certainly agree that living in NYC is very expensive, plus the taxes are outrageous! 

Hey there as a parent I truly understand the need to be concerned about your daughter's safety. My god sister lives across the river in NJ and she commutes to lower Manhattan because it's cheaper that way for her. When we went looking for a place for when she relocated we were advised that the cost of living is a little bit more affordable in NJ which isn't about a 20 min train ride to Penn Station give or take. It's cleaner and more homey over in NJ. Just a suggestion if she's looking for safer, cleaner, not so much busyness, and more affordable.
Hi Long Island city queens is very afordable and near city
Hi. I work in midtown and live in Queens. Compared with almost all other American cities, NYC is amongst the safest in general. Don't believe TV. Brooklyn is quickly becoming as expensive as Manhattan but I'd look there first, especially is she is under 30 and working near Wall St. DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Williamsburg. Very nice urban communities with public transportation! Good luck.
NYC is very safe and can be very expensive. Upper West Side and north is nice and can be affordable. Long Island City is very nice but quicky getting very expensive. Astoria Queens is an easy commute, great neighborhood and very affordable. Do your research, be thorough and ask lots of questions.
my son lives in the Bronx, and has a very easy commute via the subway into most of his commitments in Manhattan

Working in lower Manhattan offers several options.  She can live in Jersey and either take the PATH train or a ferry.  Hoboken is just as expensive as NYC though.  Jersey City is an option though not as lively.  She can also consider Staten Island and take the free ferry to work (though i would not recommend this borough unless she has a family).  Brooklyn provides a quick commute from the Williamsburg section by subway.  Also, Queens is an option.  Then there is also Roosevelt Island, which she can take the tram over to Manhattan (or subway).  Manhattan is loud, expensive and busy.  Jersey may be a good fit.  Brooklyn and Queens are not as loud.  Williamsburg is a fantastic part of Brooklyn and a quick commute.  Let us know how she makes out.

We moved to the city in 1998 and have lived in Brooklyn and Staten Island. As with all cities there are good and bad neighborhoods but have found good living in all five boros of the city so suggest you ask around when in the neighborhoods you are touring. The noise is a constant no matter where you will live since it is so populated. Real Estate is expensive depending on where you live so the further out the less expensive.  Transportration is relatively easy what with the subways, trains & express buses and how much time you want to travel to and from.

Where are you stationed in Germany? I was born in Bavaria and came to the states as a young child.