In the past few months I have noticed a disturbing trend in USAA phone customer service. I have noticed the wait times being much longer and that not every representative seems to have training in a sufficient breadth of issues. Today I talked to a representative who didnt know the answer to some questions adn told me point blank that to get the answers it would be a hold time I shouldnt wait around for. This was a first. I have been a USAA member since 1995 and always brag about the service and ease of use. I am worried that with expanded membership that USAA cant get enough CS reps trained to the high level required to provide outstanding service. Having a workforce meet the demands of growth is a challenge and I hope to highlight the problem while it is minor and strategic initiatives can be taken to ensure standards do not slip. While USAA is still far superior to other national banks, I hope that the investment in people and training will continue so its not just "beating the mean" but setting the standard of excellence.