Great for young Airmen!!!

In 2002 I was a young Airman (E-3) stationed in Great Falls, Montana. I had purchased my first car on my own and got insurance through a local company. When they found out I was in an accident a few years prior they told me they were dropping my policy. I was shopping around for insurance and found USAA. At the time, I choose them because they were the cheapest, they were cheaper than my current insurance even with the accident on my record. Shortly after, I found all of the other great products USAA had to offer and I was hooked for life. Today, I have my checking account, credit card, motorcycle loan, mortgage, money market, IRA, and brokerage account through USAA. Like I said, it was love at first sight!! USAA has always treated me and my family great and I actually trust my bank. Weird concept right? They understand what we go through and always help me when I need them. The awards for customer service speak for themselves. Having deposit at home and ATM withdrawl refunds is great for us when we travel and PCS. It's great knowing USAA will be there for me when I need them.
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