I received a FedEx letter today that basically stated no reason for account terminations will be given, and the letter received will be a final notice they have the right to terminate any relationship at any time. Seriously, after 27 years with USAA an explaination for such an absurd action deserves a reason.

@txfast1, it is unfortunate to hear you feel this way. I will have your concerns forwarded to the appropriate are for review. ~ Sam 

Send all mail certified return receipt requested.  Save the green card that will come back with signature and save teh white part that the post office will give you when you mail.  These are valid as "proof of service" in court cases; you may or may not enter into litigation but if so, documentation is always better than not.  

I agree with you.  My concerns started when I found out that my homeowners and auto policies that I signed up for with USAA are really not with USAA.  They are with an independent company, ASI, which was recently acquired by Proxxxxxxe.  My rates have continued to climb, I still pay my premiums to USAA but that's the only thing USAA does on my insurance policies.  They probably skim a fee off the top of the premiums before they remit them to Proxxxxxxe.  For the last two days I've been trying to get the UTMA accounts I set up for my grandson's college tuition.  He turned 18 this month and has been accepted to the Honors College at Arizona State University.  Three forms and a whole day spent on the phone yesterday and still no luck I called again and finally had to settle on a liquidation of the account, the check made out to me and mailed tomorrow after the close of the market today.  The check will take about a week to reach me then I'll deposit it and USAA will put a hold on it for 3 to 7 business days before I can transfer the funds to my grandson's account.  Total time before he gets the funds to pay the tuition deposit is going to be about two weeks.  I talked to my local Wells Fargo branch manager who assures me that they could have accomplished the same thing in three business days.  I'm done with USAA - I'll negotiate my own insurance policies with Proxxxxxxe and bank with Wells Fargo and end up saving money in the long run.  USAA gets the thumbs down after over 50 years of loyal membership from our family.  I even had to erase the name of Proxxxxxxe insurance before they would allow this to be posted.


I have to wonder why they are weeding us long timers out. Are we grandfathered into some great deal that new members are not privvy to?

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I have to wonder why they are weeding us long timers out. Are we grandfathered into some great deal that new members are not privvy to?

No. They just assume that you will not make any moves, because you're so entrenched with their way of doing business. I think they believe that the older we are (and longer we've been with them)--the more comfortable we are with leaving things status quo and therefore more inclined to overlook certain things.

Best to leave USAA and never look back.  You will do better elsewhere as I have.

I guess I have a strong desire to know why I've been cut off by a company I've been with for so long. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

USAA has changed drastically under the current leadership.  It is not the company it once was and appears will never be again.  The best thing to do is leave USAA and never look back.  I spent 40 years with USAA and left.  Sad but true.

I figured that what it was.  I became a member in 2000 because we were moving to Puerto Rico and the auto insurance rates were low.  Additionally, they had recently opened to enlisted members of the armed services.  We had renters insurance and I moved my banking there from another bank.  Fast forward a few years and the auto and homeowners insurance kept increasing every year once we moved to VA.  We had to switch to another well-known carrier and ended up saving $400+ a year.  That insurance has crept up as well but is still hundreds of dollars lower than USAA.   We are now in the process of moving to a new bank that has a Kasasa checking account that earns 3.0+% interest.  That one account will be both our savings and checking.  I have always liked USAA's one-stop-shop, especially since I had a wife from S. America who wasn't used to paying bills, finances, etc.  Also, I've had nothing but spectacular customer service, but their products and interest rates haven't kept up with the times.  I can earn more money with a checking account at other banks than any savings or money market account from USAA.  I also still save money on my insurances by using another carrier. 


Additionally, every time I create a goal or get a quote about something it seems like USAA is trying to sell me more products.   I know that is how the market is these days.  I am an academic advisor at a private, not-for-profit university with a big online presence and even my job is no longer about advising but more like a customer service call center.  I definitely understand when there are problems that even the supervisors don't have the answers to because I'm in the same boat.  I am a supervisor and I have to put in trouble tickets for other departments to research issues.  Sometimes it takes days or even a week to find a solution to the problem.  Organizations are now set up that way so those on the phone are just phone talkers. Other departments have to do the research and get the information back to the customer service reps to inform the customer.  The other depts are "internal" and you don't speak with them.  So for now, we're thinning our relationship even further with USAA but we will keep a credit card and a banking account open just to keep the relationship, in case we ever decide to return.