Completely Random... but I feel like I need to let someone know.


Today was a pretty bad day. I was not able to get my daughter's passports taken care of because I could not find their SS cards / numbers. When I try to call the SS administration line, the lady who answered was not very pleasant to speak to, is no help and tells me I would have to go to the SS office in order to do anything. So I drive all the way out there, and they were closed! *grrr* So on our way home, I decided to stop at Joe's Crabshack with the kids and get some dinner. Sure enough the waiter missed one of my orders and when the food comes out... my baby girl did not get her food! So after we eat and I pay, I get home and realized my power was out (my fault of course, I forgot to pay the bill) and when I try to pay over the phone I can't find my debit/credit card!!!! On top of everything going wrong I LOST MY CARD! So luckily I had a card for a backup account with USAA, and was able to take care of my mistake. So after I pay my bill and get the power turned back on, I decide to call to cancel my card. I know I was having a bad day because in the past 5 + years that I've dealt with USAA, I have never been on hold for over 5 mins. Today I was on hold for over 10 and was transferred to the wrong dept (just my luck). When I finally got to where I was supposed to be, I spoke to Clifford (from Colorado), and he was so great, patient and understanding with me. He explained that they were having a spike in calls due to the recent storms/tornados, and customers are having to call for Insurance purposes, etc. (makes sense). Clifford provided the service that I always know I will receive when calling USAA... Outstanding customer service! When I finally got off the phone with him, I was no longer mad, and I felt so much better, my mood was uplifted. Thank you Clifford and USAA! You are the best bank I have ever dealt with! Keep up the good work. I love you guys!



Again, thank you Clifford!  May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be always at your back!