Mrs. Jeffords a 56 year member with USAA. Mrs. Jeffords wanted to share a legacy with us about USAA and her experiences with us. Mrs. Jeffords stated that she has always been impressed with USAA and the way we treat our members and that we have always been “very good.” Est. of Dr. Jeffords served as a doctor in the military for many years. During the Cuban missile crisis he and his wife had just returned from being stationed in Germany. They were just stationed at Fort Stewart where Dr. Jeffords was commander at the hospital. The Jeffords at the time lived about 40 miles off base with their children. When the crisis started to worsen Est. of Dr. Jeffords was restricted to base for a few days by orders from President Kennedy. One day Mrs. Jeffords was heading to base for her board meeting and ran into some car trouble about 20 miles away from home. When she pulled into a service station the worker said that she would need to leave her car there and walk home. Her response was that there is “no need to worry because I have USAA.” Mrs. Jeffords said this time was a very nerve racking time for her and all the military families and it was a relief to know that USAA was there and would take care of her. Mrs. Jeffords went on to say that USAA helped calm her in this time of need and that we didn’t just leave her stranded on the side of the road. Mrs. Jeffords has many stories of how USAA has helped her and what all we have done, but quite possibly the biggest complement she could ever give us is her 56 years of membership with USAA and her outstanding gratitude for USAA as a company that stands by their members. “USAA is the best company to be with, they have the most unbeatable rates, and they will always take care of you. USAA is the best company I could ever have gone with” Mrs. Jeffords.


In June of 1965 I was at NAS Pensacola Florida having just been commissioned as an Ensign thru the AOC

Program. A couple of my friends had purchased vehicles outside the main gate and so I began my search for mine. A place called "Buggy Wheels" was my first stop as I wanted a Chevy 409 and they didn't have the one I 

wanted so were going to try to locate one for me . On my way

back to the Air Station I stopped at "Vince Whibbs" and there with the top down was a 1965 Fire Engine Red Pontiac GTO four on the floor 389. The salesman said, "here are the keys take it for a spin". Of course I did AND

when I returned to tell him my story about my 409 he said " son, I'll price this car for you such that you won't turn the offer down it was $3165.00 out the door with a loan from NFCU FOR $100.00 a month for three years aand my insurance would be with USAA. 

49 years later I would like to say, THANK YOU to that man who introduced me to USAA. Throughout  my Naval

Career I was able to tell my story about how I was introduced to USAA. It has been the "perfect match" for all these years for ALL MY INSURANCE POLICIES and both of my children and son in law.