Somehow that sounds better in my head using my Robin Williams voice.  :)   


I am a retired army nurse.   Well, retired from the army anyway.  I have yet to figure out a way to collapse over 60 years of living into a brief "about me" statement.    Let's just say I have worn a lot of hats over the years.  Some of them I still wear.  Some of them I brag about.  Some of them I tuck away in the closet and never take out.  Some I display proudly.   And some I wear so much I don't think I could get them off if I tried.   


I can be serious, generous, helpful, funny, sad, mad, and sappy.   I like to think that even though I have retired from the military I have not stopped living the values I learned while growing up or while in the military.    


Jesse Kesler 

AKA CourtoJester 


@CourtoJester, I can totally hear your Robin Williams voice right now! Thank you for your service and for sharing a bit about yourself, you sound like a very interesting person. Have a great day and take care ~Tom

So glad you took time to introduce yourself Jessee @CourtoJester !


We are glad you are here and hope you find the USAA Community a helpful place to get questions answered, and connect with other members and veterans like yourself!


Thanks again for being here and have a great day!