I've been with USAA for years and raved about them to everyone! Until now, I tried to refinance my auto loan through them and I've never had such a run around just for them to pretty much give up on me. I was told I was good to go with the loan except the needed one document that I provided in every possible way and it wasn't good enough each time. I spent 3 HOURS on the phone with different people because I kept getting tossed around and told to call back. I am seriously debating on staying with them now. It's really upsetting because other than this recent experience I LOVED USAA. but after being told that they couldn't do anything for me anymore well, that's a bit frustrating.


I got the same run around about a line of credit. Was totally bogus. I have excellent credit, no debt, tons of equity. If I can't I wonder who could?
If they told you no, then it really can't be as excellent as you claim, right? There must become issues on your credit report that you are confused about.