I have been a member over 7 years here. Multiple bank accounts credit cards etc. My child has cerebral palsy and we needed money to pay for very expensive medical supplies. So, family helps and gives us a check. We scan it on the mobile deposit. There is no warning about how much or how long they will hold your money.
I was told by manger it is a computer system and no person can bypass it. I was begging for more to be released due to they releasing 200 dollars of a 2500 check. And then 11 day hold. I had to get help from other family!

Then again! Get 5700 check for totaled car from Geico. I was told it shouldn't be a large hold. Well, that was a lie. They are holding 5195 for ten days.

I have had it! I was told it was a new policy in the last 6 months to hold it longer. In was told by rep, supervisor and manager that the computer does it automatically and they can do nothing.

The fine print says at their discretion on holds.Well that needs to be deleted. I was told no one could by pass the computer. I get holding funds. But NOT for 10 days. And they could release more funds than 2-5% of check.

Point blank this just makes USAA more money from all the unrest in holds!



***interest on holds
I deposited a $10,000 check from my phone and the money was available right away. However, I deposited 4 $500 West Union money orders ($2000) at the UPS store and they put all but $200 on hold. That lasted about 5 days.
I had the same thing happen to me it was an $8000 insurance settlement check, when I went into the branch I deposited it in their little Skinner and they held 4000, however I called the Branch via webcam, and I talk to really nice gentleman and he released all of my money to me. You can get a lot further when you actually pick up the phone or jump on their internet and talk to someone personally.
I did pick up the phone. That is how I talked to management. They said system automatically does it and they can't change it.

I am having  the same issue . I am a student been with USAA for over 7 years not once have I had an issue depositing checks, but today they're holding a $200 check. A $200 check for 10 days ? rediculous.

I have my credit card with USAA but not my checking.  We did have USAA checking from decades ago when they first offered it.  We now use Ally.com

Shop around and READ THE FINE PRINT IN THE SERVICE AGREEMENT so you won't be caught flatfooted when an emergency strikes.  Also, stick some cold hard cash in a hiding place in the house.