Hello there,

I will be moving to Ft Sill. I was wondering how the phone service for T-Mobile is around the lawton/commanche area. Plus I was trying to find internet providers for the commanche area, looks like satellite is the main provider, was hoping there was a cable or DSL if anyone knows of any.


I am not sure about TMobile's service in the area. I think that would be best answered by TMobile. I did live at Ft Sill on the installation and had AT&T and had great service. It is my understandign they use the same towers. 

Additionally, there are DSL providers in the area. I had AT&T for our line on post. It was very high speed but we also had issues due to it being a historical housing area. 

You can do a quick Google search for DSL in Fort Sill area and depending on where you live it brings up a list of providers in the area. Hope that helps. 

Fidelity is the cable company and they have package deals if you like. We had sprint for cell service and it worked fine.