Once again, in one year, USAA has every single one of my accounts messed up. I believe that's six accounts in all. Do you know how time consuming this is for me, and I'm disabled. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I spend three to five hours working to find solutions to these problems on the phone. I do have much better things to do. I speak to Senior Executive Resolution Specialists every time, and still nothing gets done and there is no communication to me whatsoever. Isn't there an Ombudsman or such in this organization?


Wow ! Really concerned! Nothing but bad reviews about this company! They can not all not be true! So many complaints. Seems to be mostly customer service/lack of communication! And plain just not caring about the company and most important not careing about us vets is what I'm reading! What happened to this company!

We're shocked to hear that your experiencing so many issues with your accounts. We'd like to research your situation to determine what's causing the problems. Please send a message using this link and we'll have a specialist take a closer look.