From A Great Friend

My husband was getting ready to deploy in 2007, so we knew we would need to have the same bank (we don't share a bank account, but are co-owners on each others) just to make things easier while he was gone. I had opened a checking account at Bank of America and after being a member there for 2 weeks, I found out all of my deposits for the first 90 days would be on a 14-day hold because I could not do direct deposit. I can see how this stipulation would not appeal to new customers, and I know why I wasn't told about it when I opened my account. And in order to transfer funds between our accounts with BOA, we would have had to make each other a "bill" and would have to wait the 2-3 delivery days for the funds to be there. My best friend told us about all the amazing things USAA offers their members, and after hearing all of those and realizing how much more convenient USAA would be for us while he was deployed, we switched, and have loved being a member ever since!
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