From A Boy To A Man

When I joined the army october 2006 at the age of 19, I really had no idea what life had in store for me. I guess you could say I blind to the world. During AIT training one of my friends let me know about USAA because I had been complaining about how I didn't like banks, because they would always find a way to hurt me. After having signed up for USAA I finally was happy with my access and service. They even gave me my first credit card!! After being trusted with my amount, I request higher and was accepted and since then I've learned where and how to manage my money, as well as now have a great credit score. After two years in korea and 1 in Iraq, to this day I can still rely on USAA giving me their full attention and help on any of my needs. I'm even bout to get me a House using USAA VA Loan, so needless to say had it not been for USAA, I'm really not sure what I'd have done or where I'd be financially or life wise. Once a member always a member right?? Well once a soldier always a soldier, and this will always be a soldier who works with USAA. Can't express just how much they have helped me, and will continue to help me in my future career whether I stay in military, or get out and get a civilian job.
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