Last week, I recieved a fraud alert text message asking if I'd made charges at a hardware store in Kansas (I live in Texas).  I called USAA's fraud number and was quickly connected to a representative who calmly talked me through the process, cancelled my card, and sent me a replacement - all in less than 10 minutes and I can honestly say I was never once panicked.  USAA contantly impresses me with their professionalism and quick response for all services that I am lucky enough to utilize.  Thank you, USAA, for serving military personel and their families in the best way possible.


It's our pleasure! We are proud to serve you and can't thank you enough for your membership. The fraudsters never sleep, so our team is always on the lookout. It's great to hear they caught it and walked you through the process. 

Its been about a year ago or so but some one got my card info and brought about $200 worth of I-tunes well needles to say I didnt buy them. And after only a few minutes on the phone and an email or two I had the money refunded back into my account like it never even happend!  I dont know about how other banks handle that stuff (and I dont want to know) but USAA sure has came through for me anytime Ive needed!  Their customer care is top of the line and you would be hard pressed to find a bank of insurance Company that takes such great care of their customers!  Thank you USAA!


CPL Dishman

HHT 2-152 CAV Reconnaissance Squadron

It's never fun pulling up your account information and noticing something like that. It's great to hear that we took great care of you. Thanks for being a part of the USAA family.

HA! We just had over $500 stolen from our account which put us in the negative (chip cards don't work people). One representative tells us we should probably have our money back by COB Monday. Another says it could be 10-12 days before we see our money again. There was no way we could have possbily been at the locations where the money was taken from, but did we get any alerts? NOPE!! Clearly, it makes sense for us to be in our home state and a couple of hours later be in 3 different locations at 3 different ATM's in another state. (Please note the sarcasm as I'm laying it on pretty thick.) And all right before Christmas. Guess we're not going to see our family for the holidays now! Thanks USAA for screwing us yet again. You suck. 

Thank you for your post JBVA. We understand how frustrating this can be. Please know we work as quickly as possible to resolve this. However, it is not an immediate process. We must abide by policy and regulations regarding fraudulent charges. We will work as quickly as possible to resolve this so you experience as little of an inconvenience as possible.