Me and my husband are moving to Fort Riley Kansas nd i would like to know if anyone has any information about where is a god place to live in and where is a good place for me to look for a job any information can help please


Hi Lourdez! I personally do not know anything about Fort Riley, but these sites look like they have some great information: Fort Riley's Facebook page: Link to on post housing: A review of Fort Riley on Army Wife Network with some great details: I hope this helps!
Hi, My husband and I were at Ft. Riley for almost 5 years and we loved it. Most do. We lived in Manhattan, KS, which is about a 15 minute drive to Ft. Riley. Anyway, Both Manhattan and Junction City (the town nearest the base) have done a lot to build up their towns to accomodate the military. The base grew very fast when they moved the Big Red One in from Germany and Ft. Campbell. Manhattan has a nice small mall, and recently in the last couple of years gotten in a Olive Garden, Panera's, and may others that I just can't think of at the moment. Also, Kansas State University is in Manhattan. They also built a new public swimming pool in the down town park. Kansas people are nice, welcoming, friendly, and happy to have us in their area. Others may say different, but I'm a firm believer that you will get treated the way you treat others. Good luck, I hope you enjoy Ft. Riley, Kansas as much as we did. Sincerely, Karin H.
I agree to the above comment, Manhattan is the way to go. We were also there for almost 5 years. We called junction city "JC-The Ghetto".
My husband and I are currently here in Fort Riley. If you're a city person you are totally in for a culture shock. In order to get to the places that you might be used to in the city that you could get to in about 15 minutes, you're looking at about 45 minutes to an hour drive. We currently live on base in the Forsyth Housing area which is the newest houses on base. They are building more and more to accommodate the growing community. Manhattan is the best place to live if you want to feel like you are in the city. There is a lot more entertainment there. We lived there when we first got here but moved on base because it was more convenient as far as the commute as we both work on post. They also have elementary schools on post that our kids attend. The traffic out here isn't bad unless you are driving from Manhattan as they main route (K-18 or Fort Riley Boulevard) is under major construction and has been reduced to one lane. It can really be scary driving that route in bad weather and/or at night but eventually you will get used to that. Junction City is considered the "ghetto" but they are trying to build up the city to accommodate the growing military community as the replyer above stated. As far as work goes, there are plenty of job opportunities on and off base. I work on base at Irwin Army Community Hospital and I acquired my job from being a spouse. If you log onto and type in either Fort Riley or the zip 66442 it will bring up all the job listings for the area as far as government jobs. The ACS building on post can also help you with your job search. Fort Riley is a beautiful place but there really isn't much in the general area to do. You may find you and your family traveling quite often to Topeka or Kansas City for a taste of the city life if you get too bored. Anyway, hope I answered some of your questions. Happy travels if you guys haven't made it here yet.
My family and I live in Ogden Ks. We love it here, they have great schools, its small and friendly, the community center does a lot for the town. I have met many military families here as well. its something you might check into. if you need any help, i would be more than happy to do what i can!
Hi Lourdez, My ex-husband and I lived in Ogden, KS when we first arrived. It is small but nice. I worked on base at the bank as a teller, receptionist and Jr. Loan Officer. We also lived on base housing and traveled to Manhattan for nice outings. I have fond memories and if you like snow you will enjoy it. I was also able to live in Junction City; the community is nice and friendly. There is always a need for baby sitters, work with pizza places, bank, mall & of course health care. You could always volunteer until you get used to the area, but a good way to find out what job would be best for you. Do you have children? Military wives spend alot of time together. I hope you enjoy your stay . I did and have no regrets. Good luck and would love to keep in touch. I moved here from San Antonio and also lived in Austin. Would love to hear how Ft. Riley and area has changed.