Hello All, We are moving to Huachuca this summer, can any of you provide any good tips? I mainly want to know what high school is best: Bunea HS or Tombstone HS? Thanks in advance.


Bunea go to greatschools.org
I retired out of Huachuca in 2006. Great post, growing city, but you still have to travel to Tuscon (70 miles) to get the amenities you are used to in and around Killeen. Beatiful sunsets and lots of stars. Weather is great!
I was at FH from 2007-2010, it is a great area. Buena is a much better HS. Plus if you are living in SV, Tombstone would be a haul.
Frankly I just left and Buena high is the best bet, if you are going there military, I highly suggest living on post, more for your money compared to off post, I was a SSG with one child and automatically was assigned a 3 bed 2 bath single garage door duplex/home.
Tombstone would be a long drive.