I became a member of USAA when I first enlisted and was stationed in Fort Drum, NY 9 years ago.  I have bought two cars, two homes, use for insurance, investment accounts, and day to day checking/savings.  USAA has been the most adaptive and ever helpful company to me and my family.  I have only ever had one complaint that was resolved the same day.  Every representative has always been attentive to my needs and if  they couldn't help me, got someone with answers on the phone with us.  Never dropped or phone calls not returned.  USAA has always been upfront on costs and nevery hidden anything from me.  So easy to deal with and I will most definitely be a lifetime member of this great organization, that has shown it's continuing committment to our service members and their familiies.  Thank you USAA!


Thank you USAA for  again being on top of things and taking care of the security problems with Target.