So, two weeks ago my car was broadsided by a vehicl edriven by a person ooking at his phone instead of his stop sign.  I told the story here about the other insurance company AND USAA refusing to put NEW parts on the car, and telling me that accepted industry practice and customer service is to put parts on used cars from wrecked cars in auto salvage yards.  This was true despite my car being rated by both companies and the repair company as flawless and showroon quality.


USAA, as MY company and MY representative, was going to use even WORSE parts than the other person's company, even though I asked them to use new parts and just recoved from the other partt's insurance company.  USAA refused.  I even told them I wouldn't use the rental car allowance if they applied it to the new parts, which would have only cost them that same $900.  They refused.


All readers should note that if your car is wrecked, and even though it isn;t your fault, USAA will use used parts from wrecked cars to fix your car.  They will tell you all companies do it, it is acceptable to insurance companies (even though not to consumers), it is in their contract, and it is allowed in this state (and yours).  They said there was no way around it.


Well, I refused USAA's poor offer and terrible customer service.  I will also be replacing them as my company, and cashing in on the $5500 subsribers savings account.  By the way, they will lose a good customer--I've paid them around $50,000 in my 25 yars with them, but they are now so big, one customer no longer matters to them.


Instead, I worked with the other company, told them I'd just pay the additional amount for new parts myself, then seek reimbursement (in small claims court if needed, for a mere $56 filing fee), from their insured.  I also told them I was willing to waive the loss of value claim if they used new parts.  Well, turns out they accepted my offer and did what USAA refused to do and said could not be done.  New parts are now being put on my car (door, strut, fenders, wheel, bumper, headlight, hinge pillar, etc.)


They other insurance company has far better customer service and customer focus than USAA--MY OWN COMPANY (AND YOURS).  My company refused to take care of me and meet my needs.  25 years and over $50K meant nothing to USAA. 


Thanks for reading.




What you don't know is that new doesn't mean better. In this case the new parts you listed will now be replaced with new inferior cheaply made parts. We're talking about clone parts made from thinner steel and inferior welds. You may have made a mistake in this case.

Actually, what USAA WANTED to put on the car was these new, after-market inferior clone parts that you refer to.  USAA was going to use a combination of these clone parts and salvage yard parts. 


The other insurance company said they had higher standards and would not use the clone parts USAA wanted to use.  Both companies fought against spending the extra $800-$1000 for OEM parts from Ford.  The other company now will pay for the parts directly from Ford.

Please let me us know who the other company is. I to have decided to withdraw all of my funds from USAA. Hopefully, someone will notice a when we all stop using this company for loans, mortgages and insurance coverage. You want to believe that brothers in arms would take better care of their own, but these guys are all about their own interest.



I learned that USAA will delete any post here that mentions another company.  So if I tell the name of the other company here, USAA will censor this conversation.  That alone should probaby tell you something about USAA.  I know this because when I originally showed my disappointment n USAA here three weeks back due to USAA using wrecked car parts on my car, anotehr user told me to use anotehr named company.  USAA deleted his post.


We--the customers--feel the loyalty that bothers in arms have one to another.  But USAA does not feel that same loyalty, because they are a business only.  They like to garner our loyalty, making us think they share those values, and that they too are connected to the Service and sacrifice of our nation, but in fact they ar enit.  They are merely another non-affiliated business.

I want to spread the word about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is a government agency formed to take action against companies who take advantage of consumers. The more information they get about a company, the more they can help you and others. Complaints can be made at

thank you for sharing your story and for serving our country.  i'd like to give you our horror story....

we were in the process of rebuilding the first car we bought together when my husband got back from desert storm 23 years ago - a toyota corolla fx16.  we had just got the upholstry re-done and a new stereo system in june or july of this year and got it appraised at $3600 from a classic car appraiser.  then our transmission goes out and, because our vehicle was so old, it took the mechanic's guy five weeks to find all the parts!  when it was done, i was so happy....until it started leaking in the driveway.  i took it back to the shop, but the guy didn't have time to get to it until the following week, so it was parked on his lot.  


on august 31, a 27yo fell asleep at the wheel "after spending all night at the hospital with a friend and TOTALLED our car while it was at the lot!  since she was in an accident in her car 10 days prior, she was using her boyfriend's car at the time and - lo and behond! - he has usaa too!  nightmare!  


to make a long story short, i went ALL the way to the CEO's office, they even spoke with the appraiser, and they STILL only want to give us $2731 as a settlement....even though we spent over $3200 in the 4-5 months prior!  i've haven't settled yet because, all we want, is what the appraiser quoted beFORE we fixed the transmission, and they're still not budging!  it's not like we're asking for a new car - goodness!

Ah thank you for making me aware of the Diminished Values Calim. I had no idea this was a think. You can bet I'll be filling for this claim. USAA has really added some fuel to the flames.