I moved out to Fort Worth, TX less than a year ago after completing graduate school.  I used the GI Bill to go back to school and then I found a job in Texas so my fiance and I up and moved from Tennessee last summer.  When we moved to Fort Worth we decided to rent a house because we were unfamiliar with the area.  However, after being out here long enough we decided it made sense to buy a home.  I use USAA for all my banking and insurance needs so I decided to use them to seach for and finance a home.


To start, I went through the process to be pre-approved for a loan.  I was approved for a VA loan during lunch one day during work and had all the documents and information I needed sent to me through email and also saved in my documents on the USAA website.  Doing this from the start got things rolling and made it easy for me to know what I needed to budget for financing.


I then used USAA's Mover's Advantage program to get started and was provided a real estate agent that was really great.  We worked with her for a few months viewing new builds as well as relatively older houses for the area.  The market out here is really competitive for buyers due to lack of supply, so having offers accepted was challenging.  However, after our agents hard work, we finally had an offer accepted and are now waiting to close.  Our agent was helpful and attentive to all our needs throughout the process.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in North Fort Worth.


Once the contract was completed I spoke with the USAA mortgage department and they walked me through everything I needed to do in order to expedite the process.  I have a page through the USAA website that tracks what documents have been submitted and are under review.  I also have been contacted by my loan processor and she has told me what she needs from me and was real helpful and explained questions I had.  Additionally, I decided to use USAA for my homeowner's insurance and that department was equally helpful and they were able to directly send my information to my loan processor to check that block off my to do list. 


I have high expectations for USAA based on my previous experiences with USAA over the past 8 years.  Throughout my home buying process I have not been disappointed and sing the praises of USAA to everyone I know.  The customer service is wonderful and I even had people I spoke with tell me to interrupt them if I didn't understand something.  I was on the phone with people for extended amounts of time as necessary so that I could understand what had to be done or why something was done a certain way.  Each representative was patient and seemed genuinely happy for us and wanted to make the process easy.  Also, the online system is streamlined and it is nice to have checklists online where I can upload documents that are needed.  So far USAA has made my first home buying experience extremely easy and I do not expect any different as I move forward toward closing.




Thank you for your good report. I've been USAA for 50 years and I so very happy with this company. I had almost every financial transactions that you can experience in life. I started when USAA was just an automobile insurer of military officers and progressively needed additional financial, insurance and investment requirements and MY USAA ALWAYS PERFORMED SUPERBLY. Sure the company had grow and I like the additional membership base to share the risk and rewards of our member owned company. I encourage everyone to be patient and realize that we do business with a very large corporation serve all of us not only in the United States of America but in countries around the globe. Thank you so much USAA and thank you fellow share ownerd. Albert