Got commissioned from HM1 to Ensign, Medical Service Corps, USN in 1968 and immediately joined USAA. (It was not open to enlisted back then.)  Had a great experience in the early 70's, after a hurricane in CT resulted in loss of electricity. USAA sent an appraiser without being asked. Paid us for some lost frozen food, even tho we didn't meet the deductible!

Been a member now for 45 years, with no accidents and no claims. But, just recently I backed in to a pine tree during blizzard conditions, causing serious damage to the rear of my car. Just filled out a claim (the first!) on the USAA website. Very easy and thorough - well designed. Proud to show my USAA decal.

Retired Mustang



Talk about loyalty,  45 years is longer than I've been alive! Thank you so must for trusting us for almost half a century. I'm sorry to hear about your accident, but am thrilled to hear we made the process easy for you. We truly appreciate your membership and are proud to serve you.