My son was involved in a hit and run accident while on the campus of UAPB while on his way to class.  My first phone call to USAA resulted in meeting and receiving the greatest adjuster - - Mr. Mark Jordan.  Mr. Jordan took the time to explain the process of what happens whan an auto claim is filed, was very patient with me, and was able to competently answer all of my questions.  Mr. Jordan promptly notified me and kept me abreast of the status of my auto claim.  I have never had an auto claim for damages and hope I never had to go through this again; however, if I do, I would beg USAA to let Mr. Jordan handle my claim.  Mr. Jordan & USAA - YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We hope your son is doing okay after the accident. Having your child involved in an accident is every parents nightmare, so I can only imagine how scary this must have been for you. It's so wonderful to hear that Mark was able to answer your questions and make the process a little less painful for you. Thanks for sharing your story.