I turned 41yr old last Sept. I have 5 yrs reserved time and 18yrs 1month active. I'm getting ready to retire within the next 4 years. I'm debating wether I should pay for a financial advisor, who might tell me what I already know about retiring & savings or just pay him/her to tell me what I should be doing to retire comfortable? I have a TSP, Roth TSP, Roth IRA, mutual funds, stocks, savings. I have two mortgages down to $157K. One is almost paid for. Anyways, just want to hear from people that actually used & paid for a financial advisor. Did you learn anything new from what you already knew? Was it worth the fees? What was/were your goals in getting and were you able to accomplish or accomplishing those goals? Did the course of action based on the advisor really help you at all and in what ways?



Consulting with a trusted Financial Planner is a good idea. I think you'll gain valuable insights into asset allocation, aligning your financial goals with a plan that will leverage your assets in a prudent way. I think most people don;t have a good idea of what a realistic rate of return will be with a well balanced portfolio.


You probably have a very good understanding of Stocks, Bonds and other investment vehicles adding a Great Financial Planner will increase your likelyhood of identifying good investments that will eneventually make up your comprehensive plan.


I wish you Success and Conngrtulate you on your upcoming retirement!

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