My daddy died when i was young in hanglider crash , he was not affraid of flight and he loved reaching the skys. All my childhood i remember the VA supporting my mother and rhen when i went to college the VA gave me a stipend til i was 24 . All my life because of his NAVY service in Veitnam and the way he lead his life i always thought of him as my hero looking after me in heaven. When i became a widow in 2008 my husband committed suicide over this economy he too was a good man alot of good men thought that providing was more important though and he like a few others decided to take his own life over a forclosure notice. Though now nearly 7 years in processing this and being a survior of a terrible dark day as that ive learned to stand up and speak for those that are being left behind because people are too busy getting ahead or talk able the value in life when it seems this country is so full of people too concerned wirh the value in the dallor. In my search i always go back to my dad. Before i can really be asset to others i have to embarce who i am, maybe i have made credit mistakes because of grief, and maybe i started over at 43 years of age but i am daughter of a hero and beacuse william david barnes served proudly for united states NAVY i will always be reminded by our country that he is still here with me watching out and telling me i am one too. I am honored that you let me be a USAA Member under my Daddy . thank you. Sincerly Kathleen XXXXXX DXXXXX.


My daddy a hero still,


Ms. Dailey you penned a beautiful tribute to both your father and late husband.  It sounds like both men left this earth way to early in life but left a permanent mark of love, hope and courage. 

WOW ! what an moving story . Im truly sorry for you losses , but im grateful you shared this story as it may help many others . Be blessed .