I canceled USAA insurance today and switched to Farmers Insurance and got better coverage, more protection and saved $70 a month. Another good friend of ours as well switched and saved almost $80 a month. If you have USAA you need to start looking at other companies, USAA is not the company or bank they used to be. They care nothing about their members anymore at all and have horrible customer service


I agree. My wife and I are mil-to-mil and had everything with USAA. They are expensive and the customer service has gone down hill since they started advertising everywhere. I wish MG Robles would remember why USAA was started and do something about the problem before he retires. By the way, Farmers is better coverage for less money. Recommend members check it out.

I'm covered with my vehicle insurance until Nov....so I will be checking out Farmers....You are right Brandon and Sarah.  And you find that out when you need them.