USAA has processed my automotive claims with exemplary service and speed since 1981.  I heartily recommend them.  The couple of hiccups have been acceptable within the overall performance of the company.  I hope State farm works for you although, if you do make the switch, I'll bet you'll be back to USAA.

My ex husband fell asleep and totalled our 3 month old car.  State Farm paid us off, and chose not to renew the policy four months later.  They're no better.  There is NO such thing as an insurance company that cares about you.  Once you understand you are the only one who cares about you, you will be much more careful whom you choose for all needs purposes in your life.  Having said that, I have had a $7K accident last year which USAA was quick to pay, I got to choose my own body shop without punishment (The "Flo" insurer that starts with a P is notorious for steering, I used to work for them and I know ALL about ALL the insurance companies' tricks) and they paid for it all, minus my deductible.  A few years before someone smashed my window and stole my Coach purse.  I didn't have to prove it was a $300 Coach purse, or a $180 Coach wallet.  They cut me a check for that and the window replacement cost, by using my under-insured coverage, with no money out of my wallet.  Every rep I have ever spoken to has gone out of their way to help me.  As far as people claiming lies: Read your policy.  Research it.  Don't expect people to spoon feed you, you're an adult.  If you think someone is misinforming you (which is possible when you deal with humans who make mistakes or are too lazy to find out the regulations) then look at your policy.  On line, on paper, it's all there in writing.  It HAS to be because it's legally binding, for them AND you.  This is not rocket science, nor is it voodoo. 

I can say that after being with USAA over 25 years, that I have had all sorts of experiences, to ones that were bad, where the police stated it WAS NOT my fault, but USAA chose to say it was. STILL after 19 years, not sure of that one. To having the most awesome experience, last year,  where I got hit in a parking lot to where they went above and beyond for me. Telling me my car was unsafe to be driving and taking over getting my car fixed while they worked it all out with the other guys insurance company. He was backing out of a parking space and didn't see my car (great big truck to my PriusV, the Prius lost that encounter to the tune of over 5k in damages). As stated above, I think anyway, everything has goods and bads, but I have to say, my goods have far exceeded my bads.

i have been with USAA since 2006 and they have helped me with various auto and rental needs. i am very happy with my experience on active duty and as a civilian. i have 2 vehicles covered and i am pleased with their service.