After reading all of the post about the problems with USAA taking care of their customers' car concerns, I am now NOT going to use their insurance. We all need to feel that our insurance carriers have our back when accidents occur. They have shown that they enjoy taking the premium payments from their customers but they'll find any excuse to avoid paying out claims even when they are legitimate. I have two vehicles I was considering insuring with them but I guess I'll stay with State Farm instead. Thanks for the heads up on their EXTREMELY poor customer service! You've saved me alot of frustration from dealing with them :( 




U do realize that a FEW poor comments in this area don't speak for the millions of satisfied customers that usaa services right?
Agreed! I've had occasion to file several auto claims over the years and have never had less than the finest service from USAA
I have been with USAA for over 17 and during that time I have had to make an automobile claim once or twice (actually 4 times) and can honestly say that I have been 100% satisfied with their handling of my claims.
I can't begin to express how happy I have been with USAA, for auto and renters insurance! Customer service is always 100% excellence!
I don't understand how so many people can be having such bad problems with such a great bank and insurance... lol... I have had no problems at all... yeah a few mistakes here and there but that's life and it happens... A few minutes on the phone and everything was cleared up with no hassles... been a member for only 7 years and in the last year had to make 2 auto claims... Both times both vehicles were in and out of the shop with no problems what so ever... well except the part where I have a dumb deductible... lol... oh well, thank you USAA for being such a great business!!!
We have been with USAA for over 55 years & have had exceptional service. Only problem is that the insurance rates for homeowners & auto are skyrocketing.

I have been reading some of the comments regarding insurance issues and steadily increased premiums along wih people being cancelled due to claims being filed.

My advice is to call USAA and get rates on higher deductibles on the cars and house. This will result in lower monthly premiums which you need to save.

This will allow you to not make claims for fairly minor losses.  Insurance nowadays should really be for major catastrophic losses.

I also do not understand why USAA is advertising on TV so much-this has to be very costly and I guess they have done a cost benefit to justify the new accounts they hope to gain.

They need to do better to take care of the existing base as that always is the better 'value'.

Wow. I'm not sure what you've read, but your post doesn't reflect my experience at all. I've had auto insurance with USAA for 25+ years, and never had a problem with claims being paid. Their customer service is prompt, reliable and thorough. They're easy to get hold of in an emergency. In one instance, when I was hit by an unlicensed, uninsured motorist, USAA was able to recoup not only their payout on my claim, but also $450 of my $500 deductible. I was only $50 oop after all was said and done. I've been very impressed with all of my experiences with USAA.

Good luck switching to State Farm.  I had them for many many years and they were awful, house and car insurance.  Switched to USAA a few years back and have had a claim and was handled promptly and fairly.  I couldn't be happier.