USAA has always been there for us with excellent customer service and wonderful representatives. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy the two representatives I spoke to were able to help me with my problem AND really seemed as though they cared about me and my situation. With USAA I have always felt like a PERSON, and not just another customer. Thank you so much representatives Gay and Hilary for helping me out, it is so appreciated!


Almost (about 2-3 months away from) moving into a brand new home after Hurricane Sandy Demolished us. Way above Flood Plain, stick built w/Hurricane strapping, pilings, footings, etc. Our FORMER Homeowner's, flood Insurance through Allstate was a NIGHTMARE! They  lo-balled everything so we were accepted into the NJ RREM Grant program & soon our Dream of "Going Home" will be a reality! USAA was Fast in paying us for the truck that had full coverage; only liability on my wifes S-10, so still w/1 vehicle. Gotta make sure the Grant $ & what little we got from Allstate will cover the House, etc. before we buy another vehicle. We'll  be looking for a New Insurance Co.; Hopefully Re-finance @ a lower interest rate. Hoping USAA will be able to make these things happen for us. "Hurricane Proof House" they call it; comes w/a 10 yr. New Home Warranty. 

 Anyone else out there who has had to face the same "woes"? Rental after rental...can't wait to GO HOME!