Exceeding Expectations... Going Beyond What Was Promised

On Monday, USAA sent me an email and posted a message in my portal after my MasterCard was declined in a fraudulant purchase attempt (thank you).  I called in and the representative closed that account and processed the replacement.  During that conversation, I made it clear that I needed the card by a certain date and the 10-day processing period would get it to me just in time.  I was concerned but proceeded.


That evening, I received an email with more detail which outlined options for expediting the service with 3-day delivery which was not explained to my by that representative.  I was disappointed my options were not fully explained to me especially when I raised concern about getting it in time for my travel departure.


I called back on Tuesday to see if USAA could accommodate my request to have it shipped to me faster.  I explained that the option was not provided to me when I called in the first time so the representative contacted the processing department and was able to pull the card and have it shipped faster.  She quoted me a 3-day delivery with it arriving Friday or Saturday via USPS.


Well, last evening (Wednesday) FEDEX delivered my new card. 


Thank you USAA for exceeding my expectations and making things right.  I appreciate you giving your associates the latitude to go above and beyond in an effort to keep your members happy.  You treat your members like people rather than account numbers and it makes such a difference.


Ashley B.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I have surely passed on this comment to our bank, so they can see what exceptional service you have experienced. Thank you for your membership!