I used your car buying service to get my dream car that was in another state.  The process was getting long and the car dealer said they never received the check.  They also told me that someone at USAA said it was in the regular mail and they would just watch for it.  Sending a $20K check through the regular mail didn't sound like the way USAA does business so I called USAA.  The representative gave me all the information about how the check was sent FedEx 5 days earlier and the routing number so I could see they accepted it.  I live a long way from this car dealer so I was not able to confront the dealer face-to-face.  In essence what this rep did was give me leverage to tell this dealer to get their house in order and get me my car or this check was going to be cancelled.  After confronting the dealer with this information, my car was on a carrier on the way to me that afternoon.


Thank you USAA.  I can always count on you!




Congrats on  your new car! It's unfortunate that the process wasn't as easy as it could have been. However, it's great to know we were able to help. Thanks for taking the time to share your story.

Is the dealer on a "watch list" ?  (potentially unscrupulous)  Has USAA asked for an explanation from the dealer?  Have there been similar or additional problems with the program??  Any reason we are not using the technology to do the money transfer other than "playing the float"?  Just some thoughts.