Joined USAA thinking it was a military/vet friendly bank, which at times they are as far as greetings go, but when it comes down to really being there like all their commercials transcend. Don't buy into the hype. Go local and get a checking acct with another bank, because at the end of the day, they are just a regular bank profiting off military members and their families.
I have a checkings, savings, and auto policy with USAA that I'm sternly working on cancling shortly. I mean, why due business with a long distance bank that doesn't take the time to understand your needs and will only deny you off a computer based anylsasis and not even regard history you have with them. At least with a local bank you can walk in and talk face to face with a rep.

USAA needs to STOP claiming being there for our community, the military community, and our vets.


What is your issue? Not clear from this email. Did they turn you down for a credit card or loan?

eddie....i TOTALLY agree with you!  usaa doesn't care about how many thousands of dollars they get FROM you or how long you've been with them in order to give you quotes on loans or credit or insurance.....just keep paying!  but, when it comes down to it, like needing a decent homeowner claim, they will just fiddle and give you the run around!  grrrrrr