I have had an account with usaa for a few years now and all of a sudden they are putting a hold on my husbands payroll checks every week (which he has deposited every Friday for over 2 years) and they say they can't do anything about it. What TICKS me off is they say they care about the military and their families yet they put holds on funds that are desperately needed, especially around the holidays. Time to lawyer up and also find another bank. USAA can kiss me and my accounts goodbye!


Similar problem for me.  My son had been working for 6 months, with his corporate paychecks being 200-325 every 2 weeks.  the last time we deposed his paycheck there was a hold that lasted 15 days.  He moved his accounts to a local bank.


While I am sure they will not miss his current $7k/year they may miss my $120k as I transition my retired, VA and second career pay away along with my insurance policies.