I will be leaving USAA. They are currently holding my funds, the only money have left in this world. I have to pay my power bill and buy food for my children, the representative told me to apply for a credit card or borrow money from a friend or family.I have no gas money to get my children to and from school nor to get to abd from work. They do not care about us and they are starting to remind me of PayPal. As soon as my funds are released, I'm going back to my credit union. I refuse to allow a bank dictate how I spend my money that I've worked so hard for. My children and I had popsicles for dinner.


I have had a similar experience and am also leaving USAA after 15 years. Something has had to have changed internally about a year or 18 months ago - I have received some highly inappropriate probing into my spending and deposit habits by more than one customer service agent. I should not have to divulge information about my dead husband, children or spending habits to ANYBODY. Very rude, crass and inhuman.

I have had similar issues with USAA your right something has changed in the last 18 months.  I have seriously considered leaving their banking department as well. 

I want to spread the word about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is a government agency formed to take action against companies who take advantage of consumers. The more information they get about a company, the more they can help you and others. In the middle of your very stressful situation I hope you find time to file a complaint at consumerfinance.gov.

I have the same issue with USAA holding my paycheck for 12 days even though they already took the money out of my employers bank where the check was drawn from. One customer rep told me they have collected the funds but not applied to my account yet, the other customer rep said that USAA has not received the funds yet. I confirmed with the bank where the check was drawn at, USAA collected the money days ago but will not release the hold. Switching banks as soon as the hold is released.