You can buy it at Walmart cheaper!


Yeah its cheaper if you don't down load the software but why wouldnt you!


Normal price of the TurboTax Deluxe 2013 (PC) 59.99

Walmart Reg Price $44.99

USAA Member prices $49.99


Normally I like the discounts but wow. $5 is $5 no matter how you look at it.


If anything Turbo Tax should be giving it to us $5 cheaper than walmart!


That's Wal-Mart's price if you pick it up in store.  To have it delivered is a $5 delivery charge.  USAA gives you the option of downloading without having to go to the store or wait for it to be delivered.  The convenience of not having to drive to the store or wait on delivery is worth $5.  Jeez.

I have a Garmin cost monitor attached to my car's diagnostic port. I couldn't drive to and from my "local" Wal-Mart for $5 in direct operating cost, let alone depreciation, overhead, and my increasingly precious time. Do the numbers some time.

I guess everyone has their preferences.  I like to just sit here and have everything on my computer to do my taxes.  All my info. is already there.  Why bother walking out of the house???  Besides, when I go to Walmart I see too many sales - I'd never get away with just buying one thing!

Thanks!  This is good information.  Not sure why folks have to counter with why they wouldn't or shouldn't buy the software at Walmart and get into these back and forth discussions.  If you don't want to then that's okay.  I'm glad someone posted this so I can save $5 when I stop by there.  I wouldn't have known.

I was about to purchase Turbo Tax Business tax program for ($159.99-$20 discount =$139.99) through USAA website as I did last year for $129.99.  The price has gone up by $10 over the last couple of weeks.  My wife found the same program at with free shipping for $104.99 plus sales tax.  What is wrong with your pricing USAA?  I would like to support your programs but the pricing on your Turbo Tax programs are out of sight!  I am not a new member; I have been with USAA for 45 years.

Hello All.

If you have a Fidelity Investments account you can go through their website and use the Online TurboTax Deluxe edition for $39.95.


For those who are members, Sam's Club has the same price online and in store.


Good luck.