Placed an order for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be delivered for my daughter's bday. What was delivered looked nothing like the photo and looked horrible! Emailed FTD about the order and their reply was an apology and assurance that my future orders would be filled with the special care and attention they deserve! I will never order from this company again! Your satisfaction guaranteed is a joke with FTD! USAA needs to eliminate this company from their shopping site.


I ordered rose's last year for valentines and plan too again this year. It all falls into the hands with the local florest who fullfills your order. Try contacting the florest and see if you can get another arrangement for a future occasion. Good luck and hope your dsughter enjoyed her birthday.
Ordered flowers for my daughter and chose the "better" arrangement. When she sent me a picture, I was appalled. They didn't even look like the "good" selection. I emailed FTD and by the next morning I received a call from them. I knew it was not FTDs fault, but rather the florists, and told the rep as much. I also expressed that while I was under no expectation that they would look exactly like what was shown in the picture, I did expect something that looked much better than an arrangement I could have gotten from walmart. She asked what I would like to have done. I told her I would like a new arrangement delivered and if the florist was not willing to do so, I would like my money refunded to me. Within a few hours, I received an email letting me know my full purchase price, including delivery fee would be refunded to me. Within 2 days I received a full refund.