I have been trying to find a house in San Antonio for 3 months now. They provided me with the worst movers advantage realtor and wouldn't change him after I sent emails to my coordinator. The realtor shows me the same houses during this 3 months time, repeats. Amazing how I'm I supposed to find a house when I'm shown repeats. Okay 3 months go by, I try to contact usaa about extending my pre approval for another 90 days cause they provided me the worst realtor ever. The pre approval expired on a Sunday. I call on a Monday and usaa tells me they don't have my file on record since it expired on Sunday the day before. I tell them the mortgage department isn't open on the weekends for me to extend my pre approval how was I supposed to do it on Saturday or Sunday. They never sent me a notification and they knew I was still actively looking at they provided me with a bad realtor. Anyway they want to change me another $50 for an application fee that would have been waived if I could have called in on Saturday or Sunday. Usaa tells me they have no way to waive this. I have 10+ accounts and loans with usaa and they screw you over for $50 because they aren't open on the weekends in mortgage. Way to treat your customers maybe I should just clothes all my accounts and move on since they care more for my $50 than anything else