I've been trying to upload an actual document - PDF - but can't seem to find a way. I can only find ways to send pictures. I can't even send email conversations I've had with other people. This is nuts. I have a copy of an accident report that USAA hasn't been able to get for weeks, which it got in a matter of minutes, that I need to upload as "proof", since they don't believe me.



Thank you for your question. You can send a PDF by following these steps:

1. Log on

2. Go to My Alerts & Actions1step.png

3. Select "Send a new email to USAA"2step.png

4. Make sure to provide details about your situation and claim.



I hope this helps!

There is an even better way!


Go here:


This way doesn't work for anything other than a .jpg, or similar. I already tried. It goes to your gallery only. You can't get to your documents or PDFs.
Oh, maybe you should train your claims specialists in how to do this. Mine had no clue except to say do a copy and try to paste it into the comment box which doesn't work very well.