While logged in to my USAA account, I opted to briefly look to see what options I would get when using the USAA Car Buying Tool.  I found nothing special and did not ask for any car dealers to follow up with me;  I signed out of my account.  Approximately, 45 minutes later, I started receiving telephone calls and emails from dealers in the area that wanted to sell me a car.  After some research, I discovered that the "tool" was actually hosted by another company.  No warning was given that I was leaving the USAA site.  The other company had doctored their site to show the same font's, logo's and color scheme's as the USAA site, so that I thought I was still looking at the USAA site.  My personal information had been shared with this other company...and this other company had shared my information with car dealers in my area.

Second,  I was just informed by Tony in Executive Resolutions that people have been able to illegally access restricted information with only a first name and agent ID of a USAA employee.

PS - I recorded the call with Tony and I am now posting it on Youtube  (as soon as convert the audio to video)


I'm calling bs. Where's the YouTube video

I agree with AndrewandSons...


Where is the Vid..