My wife and I decided to buy our first home.Exciting times...  We got the approval from USAA. Making a long story short.  After summiting all paperwork needed to USAA  to get the morgage loan, I was assurred our loan was approved.  Have in mind I was talking to the banker almost on a daily basis for two months since it was my fisrt home and wanted to have no issues...  Well 3 days before closing I was denied... Yeay.. denied....  I had already invested in a  lawyer to close, invested in a home inspecter. All this cost money $$$$$ right...

USAA could not do anything for me 


The good news is that I went to a diffrent banker, withing 1 week a was approved, 2nd week I was in my new home. 


USAA,  you should be assamed of yourself.  Tell people up front if they are  denied or approved.  dont wait until the last minute.  Have some respect.  In my case, I was led on for 2 months....


This is the reason I will never bank with USAA, get insurance, loans, credit cards...  Nothing...


i am in the military and I tell my friends my story. They have similar horrible story. 


Truly relieved to share this story with others,





I'm just curious to know if you made any purchases on credit or opened any credit cards , late or missed any payments during the process of your mortgage approval period.

All credit cards were paid in full. Like a said ..the other bankers approved me immediately.  USAA said I could not affort it.  But the other banker could not find the reason I was denied in the beging with USAA.  Here I am with my new Home.  USAA NO GOOD