We used USAA for our first mortgage and had such a wonderful experience,of course they were the first choice for when we sold our first home and about to embark on our second mortgage.  We completed all of the necessary paperwork only to have the WORST experience ever.  The lending bank USAA sells the mortgage to Fannie Mae who required F.E.M.A flood insurance.  Well where we are buying our home F.E.M.A does not have a flood plain designated.  Thus USAA will not give us our loan for something that is totally out of our control.  Not to mention that Fannie Mae has numerous homes for sale in foreclosures in the same areas, how are these other people buying homes and getting flood insurance??  We are totally disappointed to only find out that Fannie Mae is the only lender that USAA is using at this time.  We used USBank before and could not have been happier.  From now on we will no longer use USAA for our mortgage needs, which is such a HUGE disappointment..