After 32 years as a loyal US AAA member I am dismayed with the treatment I have received during a recent credit card dispute. I am wondering if any other members have had a similar experience or can you give me any advice I am a blind 100% disabled veteran and and Air Force retirees. I have never disputed a credit card charge that I can remember but recently I was defrauded in the worst way by a walk in tub company to the tune of $12,000. After several months of sending documents & Carlene credit card services my dispute was denied with a virtually no explanation or indication that any of my evidence had been reviewed by anyone. This salesman I’ve dealt with told me that he would read the entire contract to me before signing-I trusted him and signed it. I did not discover until it was too late that he had not read meet any of the cancellation provision’s and when I tried to return the defective tub I was refused. The dispute Anolis completely ignored the point that I am blind and was taken advantage of. They denied my dispute on the basis of the cancellation provisions which were never read to me. I have filed complaints with several consumer agencies but they can’t do nothing to help me recover my money. And my case is not large enough for an attorney to take on. I am disappointed in deeply offended by the lack of attention to my keys. I thought this was exactly the type of situation the dispute process was four-2 protect members from fraudulent merchants.


@FromTheBeach, I understand that you have been a USAA member for 32 years, and I would like to thank you for your loyalty. I'm sorry to learn that a dispute was not resolved in your favor. Please allow me to engage a business expert to review your situation. We'll conduct a follow up with you once the research has been completed. ~DC

Spoken by a True USAA Rep, you will never be paid back...

I'm so sorry to hear this!  I hope your dispute is eventually cleared up.  That is a lot of money to have a defective tub.  I'd consider bringing this to the attention of your local media.  With enough bad press, the walk in tub company should refund their fees.  

My husband is having some issues with the dispute process right now.  A company sent him 1/2 of an order and we believe  (based on other online comments) they have been doing this with many of their customers.   The USAA credit card dispute process has not been a good experience thus far.  I'll let you know if it is eventually resolved.  I will say I had a much better experience with the one dispute I had 3 years ago at US Bank.