I've been trying for over 2 months now to recover funds that were fraudulently charged to my account after my debit card was compromised.  I've never lost possession of my card, but according to the police officer investigating my case, it was "skimmed" at an unknown ATM some time shortly before the charges started to appear in my transaction history.  USAA simply refuses to repay me; they have implied that I'm not being forthright in reporting this as if I'm trying to benefit in some way.  To make you all realize just how far USAA is going in refusing to repay me, I offer you the following:


-I was in NYC and using my card (with witnesses) when transactions we baing made in Maryland and Virginia

-After repeat requests, USAA sent me an Affidavit of Fraud to sign and return, which I did (though it was in the from form of an email, and USAA made no mention of needing to have it notarized in order to be officially recognized, I'm holding them to that)



and still.....


USAA refuses to even state why my case is not moving forward.  Let repeat that....USAA will NOT even explicitly state why they refuse to repay me despite having a signed affidavit, a written account from a sworn law enforcement officer in a financial crimes unit, and my own transaction history showing me hundreds of miles away when some of the charges were being made.


I've been with USAA for 5 years.  I'm a combat wounded Army veteran.  I went to a school (Virginia Military Institute) that placed the highest possible value on honor and integrity.  Yet USAA not only refuses to honor their own policies by repaying me FDIC-insured money, they've questioned my own honor and personal integrity despite the facts.  


I am disgusted with USAA as an organization.  They do not honor their word.  They do not honor veterans.  They do not, therefore, have any honor at all.



ALSO Disgusted!

Been member for over 8+ years but am considering going to another. Recent bungle on USAA's part over a vehicle claim and their total mis-handling of the process has soured my view beyond forgiveness. Enough. All the bogus PR they put out...Dont be swayed by their hype! In these times they have become proficient at false promise and zero support just as WAshington. I'm still waiting on a senior level rep. to return call now for over 24 hrs.

Next action I'll take is to the state insurance board and let them investigate.

This is honor, duty, country? I think they have went down the dark road........