I am disgusted and ashamed by the direction USAA has taken as a company. They have been known for many years as a customer service company for the military and veterans, but it does seem as though things have changed. On my recent claim denial I was told by the agent that I " just need to bite the bullet." I truely could not believe the smugness she took on denying our claim. Obviously I will be shopping for new insurance for the next couple days!



Maybe you could share some details and your post would be more useful.  What was your claim for?  Why was it denied?  

We're sorry to hear about your situation and would like to learn more about what happened. Please share a few additional details here: http://bit.ly/I8GjNZ and we'll get you in contact with a specialist on our claims team. They'll take your feedback about the experience and will escalate your concerns regarding the representative and their negative attitude. We hope to hear from you soon.

I agree that the company seems to have gone downhill as far as customer service goes. I had an auto total loss claim this past year and I felt like I had to tell the rep. what needed to be done. The claim took a long time to settle and they kept going back and forth on whether the veh. was totaled or not. I used to work in the Total Loss unit and I know how things are determined and I had to tell the rep. how to make a determination if the veh. Is totaled or not. Very disappointing!!! Today I see they are pushing Assurant Health coverage which is well known as being bad insurance. I used to trust their recommendations, but no more!