I wanted to leave a review about the most terrible customer service experience I have received in my 44 years of age.  USAA Mortgage has been worst people I have ever dealt with in any business transaction and my loan processor is the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with in a finanacial transaction.  This expereince will cause me and my family to close all our accounts and cancel our membership.  I would leave more details however the entire experience could make an entire college course on hoe to provide the worst customer service and cause you business to lose its customers.  If anyone at USAA management cares to know the story please feel free to contact me.   


They are out spending my $350 application fee they refuse to refund even though I lost the home due to their incompetence.  

So true they all need to be retrained


Every time I write a story, they delete it and will not publish my comments because they know they did me wrong.

lewis2169: We would like to know more about what happened so we can forward your situation to our management team for action. At this point, we understand that you've chosen to leave USAA and we're very sorry to hear that you feel we let you down.


I can only imagine how frustrated you must be at this point and truly appreciate you taking the time to bring this situation to our attention. In order to get you in touch with the appropriate area, we'll need a few additional details. Please send a message using this link and a member of the team will contact you soon.

Moderator Analisa:


  I have written to the Message Center and only get a bunch of run around.  So it doesn't matter if you talk to someone (if you can get past the robo answering service because it ALWAYS says the office is closed after 6pm and then hands up on you when later I am told that the office was open when I called!) or if you send a message.  I find the messages just breed more messages and nothing ever changes.  The only way I can get anything done is if I report USAA to a government agency for doing something wrong.  USAA denies it and goes on doing what they want to do.  Nothing changes by writing to the Message Center because I have done it plenty and I have found it a BIG waste of my time.

I wish I had read this comment board before getting into the tangled web and sticky tar baby of a USAA mortgage loan application. It has been a fiasco since day one of application.


I stated with my first contact the rules applicable to my situation. The application was mis handled from day one. Here 2 months later I am still mired in trying to meet deadlines due to the loan processing mismanagement. Closing date has been moved back and I have no confidence that a rabbit will be found in the 11th hour yet again. Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving is not the time to tell someone that yet another requirement must be met. I wish I had been told day one that they had no intention of giving me a loan. It would've saved me the hoop jumping only to have my credit score lowered from their constant  checking of my rating.


Advice to others - take your business elsewhere. This "insurance" company does not appreciate that all contingencies cannot be guarranteed. They certainly offer no guarrantees yet require that I not only guarrantee today but predict the future. I second and third the remarks made previously. I have double and triple documented and arranged for redundancy of reassurances. None of this could supercede the mishandling of my financial arrangements. 

It's as if usaa is more interested in selling then they are in serving.

DON'T USE USAA FOR A MORTGAGE! We pre-qualified for a home loan with them and spent hours providing all documentation. We easily qualified! So it should have been easy from then on, right? NO. After weeks and weeks of providing "more documents" and then even more, and then even more, USAA denied the loan. So what was the problem: we were not taking enough of our retirement savings to satisfy them. What? If we don't need it, we don't take it. That doesn't change the fact that the money is still sitting there in their bank. But no, just a "denied and too bad." By then it was too late to go to another lender, so we pulled from our accounts and paid cash. Now, is that logical, or even reasonable? Not at all. I would never recommend them for a home loan. Our daughter had the same experience, but she didn't warn us in advance of her experience. DON'T EVEN THINK OF USING THEM.

I've only started my slow decent into madness with USAA and the mortgage process. I still have a few weeks till closing so I may be able to salvage a mortgage from another lender if need be. The problem for me arose out of insurance requirements. The home I am attempting to purchase for my family was appraised "site unseen" for $516,000 by USAA. That made my insurance payments near $1400 a year which according to the loan officer, Keri Dixon, was to high for me to be qualified. She actually told me that I needed a policy for around $900 a year. I'm only buying the house for $70,000. Yes it is old and has original walls and foundation but the insurance agent from Farmers, Bradley Perkins of Janesville Wisconsin, valued the house, using industry guidelines, at $300,000. Keri Dixon with USAA says that the VA requires me to have an insurance policy that covers total reconstruction (she later used %100 replacement). I then went to the VA website and found a closing guideline that says I only require insurance that covers the value of the property, wind and hail damage, and personal property loss. I received a quote from Farmers covering those areas. I then sent a copy of the quote to Ms. Dixon. This was her response. "It’s good to hear from you. The insurance policy you obtain has to work for you. My concern with the quote from Foremost is that the total coverage is only up to the market value of $70,000 on the dwelling and does not pay the cost to rebuild - basically it would pay off the note and you would have to start over….. USAA’s coverage of $516,000 was because they were estimating that as the cost to rebuild it exactly as it is now, including the plaster walls. The quote provided from Farmer’s looks like a happy medium but again, you have to do what is best for you. Please keep in mind that the insurance you obtain has to include replacement cost and wind and hail coverage per VA guidelines. I also want to let you know that your loan was approved with the USAA policy cost of $1400+ so ultimately, you just need to obtain the coverage that’s best for you and your family. Keep in mind what insurance is for. Please let me know if you have additional questions."

To which I responded:

Ms. Dixon,


My question is whether or not this insurance meets the VA guidelines, if not then I will pursue another agency. $1400 a year for homeowners insurance is a little high for me.


Ms. Dixon sent this in reply:

Ok. I understand. As far as I can tell, it does but let me verify that for you and I will get back with you.


Thank you,


I later received an email from her that said something different

As long as the policy includes 100% replacement cost coverage, it meets the guidelines. The declaration page we receive from them must indicate replacement cost coverage or be accompanied by documentation that indicates the coverage is included. In addition, please provide the following information to your carrier and have them fax me a copy of the declaration page with the invoice:
So needless to say I am very confused and would like clarification. All I needed was a yes or no and the preceding is what I got.