I have had ADT for 10+ years with a USAA discount.


I recently moved. Had ADT in my old home. Was having ADT installed this morning in my new house. Was utilizing a USAA Movers Advantage program to have everything set back up in the new house just like the old house.

I set up the exact order very specifically this past Tuesday with someone name Autumn at ADT.


On Tuesday, I felt very confident that order was placed correctly, and that I could leave my wife at home today, Fri morning, to have a technician show up and correctly install the system as ordered.


Technician shows up this morning to conduct the install and the order is completely wrong. Technician had to ask question after question to my wife - when all of this was supposed to be on the order from Tuesday.


This entire morning with ADT is a disaster. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with ADT to resolve the issue and I kept getting punted from person to person (4 total people I was transferred to and no one could help).


For having had this USAA ADT service for 10+ years ... this is the #1 most disappointing moment with this company.


I have no clue why I have a USAA discount, or am supposed to feel special from ADT, when they can't get my install order right, and noone can help assist me to make it right.


Why should I have to pay $200 for a local install today? It should be completely free for the enormous amount of stress ADT has caused my family this morning.


I want to file a formal grievance and demand a refund for the money I am having to pay today for the botched service on the install.


Outside of this email venue - what are other options do I have available?


thank you





Thank you for sharing your feedback. Please send us an email to [Removed Link] along with your member number and details provided above, and we have the right person look into this matter for you. Thank you.