I have been with USAA for almost 30 years, have had numerous loans over the years and I still have investments and my banking here. Yet, even though I have excellent credit the would not even take my loan application for an RV because I said I lived in it. I lived in my last RV and they loaned me the money and I paid it off early. I've never even been late with any payment on any loan, yet they wouldn't even take my information.
I found my financing elsewhere, but I am very frustrated with their policy. Loans should be made based on credit viability such as past history, current income and credit scores.


I am having a similar experience.  Likewise, I have 720+ scores, banking, investments, insurance with USAA.  I applied a couple years ago to refinance. After being told they had all they nedded, I went to Europe for three months.  Guess what, they needed more documentation.  Since I could not get it to them, I lost my good faith deposit and never completed the refinance.  I am now doing so again but adding a home equity line of credit at the same time.  I was told that refinance cannot talk to home equity so I need to resubmit selected data/docs to both divisions. I am waiting to see what happens now when I am getting ready to head to FL.  I hope I do not go from disappointed to p.o.ed.

The biggest problem in this bank is lack of communication between the working components. Just try a simple experiment call and speak to two different Reps for the same process you will get two completely different answers You will be better served going to a small credit union or bank in your neighborhood and talking with a real banker