From the beginning of this loan process, we have been in the dark. We have to call the general line to get any type of direction or advice about how to fill out paperwork or answers to questions. We have called our processor several times during the day and have left messages but no call back, EVER (our realtor couldn't even get in touch with him). A couple of times he just picks up the phone and places it on hold and never answers. I have called to complain but nothing has changed. We still do not have a closing date and time is narrowing in on our other timelines because other plans have been made based on our current closing date of 16  Jan 2013. I have always like USAA but after this, I will never advise anyone to go through USAA. Our processor is Nelson Agwuh and to give you an example I'll tell you one instance.... An appraiser was sent out to our home. He mentioned that the front and back porch needed handrails because of the height. Well, two weeks later, Nelson called my husband to ask some other questions and if the handrails had been installed. Well, my husband asked if that was something we had to do or if it was cosmetic since we didn't want the handrails. He said it had to be done (because of the VA) and that we wouldn't get approved if it wasn't. We didn't have problem with actually putting up the handrails but, here's the kicker, It was a week before closing (mind you, the appraisal was done two weeks prior) and we are already out of the inspection time to ask the sellers if they will pay for it and have it done. So, now everybody involved has to scramble because Nelson Agwuh hasn't had his head in the game for the whole loan process. My parents took vacation time to help us move and now it could be wasted time off because we don't know when we'll close and be able to actually move. Also, the house we are staying in will be rented out 1 Feb 2013 so we have no where to put our larger items, like couches and beds, until we get our house, I guess, IF we get approved. Needless to say, this has been a TERRIBLE experience so just watch out if you are deciding to go through this process. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the VA is a bit picky but our problem is not with what the VA is asking for, but you get 45 days to get your loan process completed and our processor still hasn't provided us with the service necessary to finish this so we can move on with our lives in our new home. He leaves work early some days, like at 1500 hours, when close of business is 1630. I haven't gotten a call from higher management for a follow-up on his service so, apparently, there is no checks and balances. Believe me, I have called to complain about 3 times in a month's time. Just be wary.....


Sadly, I also had a negative mortgage loan experience. Something is seriously broken in the Mortgage group.


Their culture and attitude is the opposite of every other USAA group I've ever seen. I can't believe it is the same company. The only explanation that I can think of is that the mortgage brokers are making tons of profits right now because so many people are refinancing. They aren't incentived to be responsive to customers and can get away with the insidious attitude that bdub describes above.  


I would advise any USAA member to exercise caution and not assume that the mortgage group is as good as every other USAA division. They will not make your contract's closing date which puts your home purchase in jeopardy.  They will also show a dreadfully low sense of urgency.


More and more realtors are telling their clients not to use USAA Mortgage services. A direct quote from my Title Attorney was "I use USAA Insurance and Banking for everything. I love USAA! But I tell everyone to avoid using USAA for their mortgage".    


Hopefully USAA Management either fixes the mortgage division's culture and service standards, or exits the mortgage origination business.  This group is severely damaging the USAA reputation and brand.

Just curious, since this is really the first negative comment I have heard about USAA and I am considering getting my mortgage done through USAA.

Did you contact his supervisor?

Since the board of directors e-mail address are available to members did you contact one of them and ask what is going on?

Did you contact the VA and get the assesment that was done by them?

I have bought homes before, so I do not know if this is your first time or not, but I always request an immediate copy of VA report, and make sure when submitting an offer that the individuals I am purchasing th home from know up front that any modifications requested from the VA will be completed by the seller and are a requirement for the deal to proceed. This makes it to where the seller is the one to breach the contract and back out so you don't lose any deposits or "earnest" money.

I am going to e-mail the board of directors and ask for them to look at this section, if I see either post removed, I can tell you that I will seriously consider moving all of my accounts out of USAA.

I also have had bad experiences with PHH Mortgage Services, just one of dozens of mortgage handlers used by USAA.  Once while working to refinance my mortgage, I could not contact them, period.  I contacted USAA by email and by phone to let them know that this service was seriously lacking, but in the end the window for locking in the desired rates passed.  To the comments offered by Divemedic, I would suggest that the sellers in the original post may have another contract that they have opened as buyers of their next home.  Their rate lock-in date could also be at risk due to this poor service.


I appreciate the load of added work USAA has taken on with their successes and increased membership over the years.  That success and the members who come to USAA are the result of word-of-mouth that spread a message of trust.


Much added effort needs to be given to maintaining high standards by all connected to USAA.


I will cease suggesting that others use USAA, but I won't reject USAA outright for comments about a few problems.

I myself had major problem with USAA trying to refinanced my house ,the second party service had poor customer service which really is sad for USAA. After waiting for a long time with no response I got a call from CHASE and they refinance my home for free ! Which was awesome ! USAA has always been an awesome company and I am hoping they do work to improve these minor issues because we really depend on a TRUST WORTHY company in a world full of thieves !